Spiritual Adoption

On Spiritual Adoption

The purpose of our prayer is to highlight and strengthen the role of fatherhood generally; but it is also about ‘spiritually adopting’ a father.

What is entailed? Participants pledge to pray for one particular but unknown father from the moment of his child’s conception. God knows who the father is, even if we don’t. Many people have found that naming ‘their father’ helps to keep them focused on the reality that their prayers are helping a man to support his child and its mother, and act courageously for life.

The Confraternity Prayer – members recite this daily

God our Father,
from all eternity you chose St Joseph
to be the guardian of your Holy Family.

In the hiddenness of Nazareth
you taught him the way of prayer and contemplation;
in the toil of daily work
you showed him the joy of providing for his family and the dignity of man’s labour;
and in the humiliating circumstances of Bethlehem and exile into Egypt,
you showed him the power of a father’s loving and supportive presence.

Through the intercession of St Joseph, make us faithful guardians of the truths of our faith:
that in our work and prayer we might always profess, through the Incarnation of your only Son,
the dignity of human life, the beauty of motherhood and the greatness of fatherhood. Amen.

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