First meeting – report

The launch of the Confraternity saw around 20 men join us (and one brave wife, so enthusiastic was she!) at the Pro-Life Initiative last Thursday evening. We started with a short introduction from Sr Roseann about why it was felt a group specifically for men was needed: the simple fact is that men are deeply affected by abortion and do have a role in this whole debate.

Stephen Barrie, education officer for the Linacre Centre, gave a very enlightening and incisive talk in which he demonstrated how deeply entrenched our society is in the culture of death, and at every level – political, philosophical, scientific and street level. Men have to play their part in being aware of the issues and so be confident in how they talk about them. Stephen also spoke about having solidarity with the child in the womb: although tiny and hidden, the baby already has a network of relationships surrounding him/her. We can already point to a man and say, ‘He’s the father’ and to a woman and say, ‘She’s the mother’. Grandparents, aunts and uncles are already tied to this child and therefore must speak out in his defence.

After the talk, the men were invited to a buffet during which time they could chat to each other. After that, we all gathered round and a number of questions were asked and comments made. It was interesting that some concentrated mainly on the practical work that could be done, while others were especially keen to learn more about men and abortion and generate more discussion on a topic that is often disregarded or forgotten.

There was a very positive atmosphere around the place and a strong sense that this was only the beginning – which is true, in fact. There were 11 apologies on Thursday night and, since then, we’ve had another 20 join our number from all over the country. Please keep this new and very necessary venture in your prayers!

One Response to “First meeting – report”
  1. This is a wonderful opportunity for us, mere men, to become more involved with cardinal Winning Initiatve. Many men are, anyway, but to have a dedicated initiative in itself launched for us will allow us to feel ‘closer’ and ‘special’ in your work. We are men but we are, many of us, fathers too and thankyou for the opportunity. The KSC are always there for you.

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